The shown feed/hay test results are for example only. Enter your own actual feed / hay test results. Enter feed, hay, or grain, nutrient test results on an as fed moisture content basis (not on a dry matter basis) Always have feed/hay tested, the same feed/hay nutrient content can vary dramatically even from one field to the next.
Long Term Kansas Steer Feeding Cost of Gain. November 20, 2020. Monthly Kansas Fed Steer Marketing Weights. November 20, 2020. Monthly Kansas Steers Average Days on Feed.

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Crossroads Cattle Company, LTD. (CCC) was established in August of 2002 by Leslie Callahan and Jennings Steen. Although considered relatively “young” by cattle industry standards, Les and Jennings brought with them extensive experience in feeder cattle procurement and sales as well as having collectively spent 20 years in the cattle feeding industry and the boxed beef marketing arena.
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Mar 31, 2011 · When selling feeder calves, it is understood that bull calves will often receive a discount over steer calves. Buyers justify this discount by claiming that post-arrival castration of bull calves will result in decreased average daily gains (ADG) due to increased stress, disease susceptibility and days on feed.
Tips for feeding dairy cattle. Concentrate must be feed individually according to production requirements. Good quality roughage saves concentrates. Approximately 20 kg of grasses (guinea, napier, etc.) or 6-8 kg legume fodder (cowpea, lucerne) can replace 1 kg of concentrate mixture (0.14-0.16 kg of DCP) in terms of protein content.

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Used for the first 14 – 30 days after weaning or receiving to introduce new livestock to a full feed mix during the stressful weaning process, and getting feeder cattle over the stress and sickness associated with the sale ring. Includes AS700. Medicated High Energy Ration. 13% Protein, 3% Fat
Aug 19, 2015 - Cattle Creep Feeder Panel For my horse Amanda to keep the other horses out of her feed....she is smaller than everyone else.

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A combination of mastering the basics, utilizing new technology and data-driven decision making, allows Dinklage to excel as a leader in the cattle feeding industry. We strive to create better feeding and marketing opportunities including specialty programs, such as NHTC. This establishes Dinklage as the top choice of progressive cattle feeders.
54th Ohio Feeder Calf Roundup. A beautiful fall weekend welcomed exhibitors and prospective buyers to the 54th Ohio Feeder Calf Roundup held at the new location, the Muskingum County Fairgrounds, Zanesville, OH Sept. 26th and 27th, 2020. A total of 96 head of steers and heifers was shown on Saturday and sold on Sunday.

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Raising and feeding dairy steers is more management intensive in the early stages than raising beef steers. Beef steer calves typically remain on the cow for several months, nurse 6 to 8 times a day...

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Feeder Steers (M&L 1) $177.60 $159.06 $153.54 $141.51 $153.57 $141.51 $133.57 $136.74 $133.57 $137.16 $166.57 NQ $153.14 $142.56 $136.95 Average NQ $147.44 $140.02 NQ 135.90-136.13 Steers Heifers NQ NQ Compared to last week: No auctions due to the Christmas holiday. Direct feeder steers and heifers, too few Current FOB receipts for an accurate ...

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May 26, 2011 · Cattle feed usually contains additives that are toxic to horses. The most common and harmful additives are ionophores, commonly known as monensin sodium (Rumensin) and lasalocid (Bovatec), which are antibiotic-like medications. Ionophores are added to cattle feed to alter rumen fermentation and aid in digestion and absorption of feed.

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